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Among the best how to make money within the pressure washer business is to power wash equipment that is heavy. It is really not work that is necessarily easy you'll get quite oily but it is constant work and there is lots of it. You will need to know the different types of gear as well as the dilemmas that are of concern to preventative upkeep specialists, operators and owners.


The average scraper costs over $250,000. With these monsters, excavation businesses can literally go hills. The incredible size of scrapers and power it takes to propel itself, plus all the dust these devices move, soon add up to exceptionally dirty engine compartments. A tiny oil drip plus the dust clings to your grease, blocking radiator flanges, and causing fire dangers and cooling problems.

Scrapers are likely one of the hardest pieces of equipment to clean. Like bulldozers and trackhoes that are turret-mounted they have been tough to climb on. Their massive size and also the time to clean them appear to be an impossible task, but offer your self 3 - 4 hours and you will have it therefore clean you'll eat away from it. Offer your self 10 hours and it's prepared for fresh paint.

Recognize that scrapers gather a lot of oil and dirt that is oily the guts where all of the hydraulics come together. This happens as a result of hydraulic leakages or an overzealous mechanic with a hefty hand on the oil weapon. Just get in there and blast all of it over everything. It must be removed by you by traditional methods first.


The common excavator sells for about $180,000. Even though it's concept is easy, it's important to clean it completely. Eliminate all external panels, rotate turret 90°, and extend supply forward so far as possible. This way, you'll clean the supply and all the hydraulic fitting surrounding it. The cab must be very carefully rinsed out and the body is cleaned bottom to top and from inside to away side and then rinsed one other way. You soap it, and rinse it again and detail the cab when it is completely cleaned, all the panels are replaced and then. It is about a 3 to 4 . 5 hour task on a size that is large with cabin.


Bulldozers are some for the hardest worked equipment in excavation. It is possible to clean anything from huge D-10 dozers down seriously to an old 1960 John Deere Museum piece. Many bulldozer owners have numerous pieces of equipment, one we recently worked for owns 136 other items of severe equipment that is heavy in road construction, woodland cleansing and grading of future housing tracks. Most bigger excavation companies have actually many contracts for flood control, hurricane demolition and land clearing for five states, so you need to do good work because the recommendations are endless and you'll need certainly to buy more gear and hire more vapor cleansing pressure washer employees for your business.
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The promoting aspect of several small businesses is frequently put final on the concern list. Within the initial phases associated with the pressure washing business just as time that is much work ought to be put in marketing as doing the jobs. Later, as you build a client base less focus are positioned on advertising, nevertheless the first 12 months in company is where marketing your organization is vital.

Here are 5 top ways you can use to market your power washing business:

1. Make sure your customers become repeat clients.

It's simpler to result in the purchase the second time around because you've built trust and credibility into your clients mind. Should you choose quality work they will probably need your services once again in the near future. Document the clients title for a spreadsheet and make follow-up telephone calls every couple of months.

Even should they do not require the work appropriate then, several times you'll secure employment simply because they will recommend your company with their across the street neighbor or another person they understand. Simply by calling you're establishing a relationship, and people could keep you at heart when someone they know requirements work done. Also be sure you leave them your business card or several other way they will keep in mind your organization information.

2. Advertise online

The net is quickly changing the telephone guide as being a medium to promote in. Ensure you get your company or website information in online directories. It is vital to have a website for your needs to offer an advantage when internet marketing, and it is a credibility factor for the clients.

3. Use flyers in strategically put areas

As opposed to scattering your leaflets throughout the parking great deal, take to putting them in the waiting rooms or in business rooms that are waiting. Post them on church bulletins many people that are different see your flyer as opposed to one individual. Additionally it is a idea that is good go to your local real estate offices and hand the agents your leaflets.